Monday, 27 October 2014

Wow, now it has definitely been a while since I posted here!
I haven't forgotten, just been swamped with tasks...

Where to start... First of all, I decided to take on the Masters. That has now started and things are slowly progressing. Numerous modules include a lot of project / business management, IT networks which I don't expect will give me any trouble given my professional background, and the dissertation,  for which I plan to use a professional project I am working on as a foundation.

As well as the Masters degree, I have also decided to set myself up as a freelance programmer and web developer to support myself and pay for my Masters.
I decided to go down this route rather than look for work part time, in part because I was offered some programming work by an ex colleague. I had been thinking of setting up a small business for a while and it seems the powers that be are hinting for now to be the best time. The one interview I had told me I interviewed really well but they went with someone else because of a past project of theirs being a lot like the job they were offering and other calls from recruitment agents had lead to them letting me down in one way or another. Frankly I grew tired of the level of unprofessionalism in my circle of contacts and instead of waiting for someone to hire me, have decided taking my career in to my own hands is the best option.
I am currently in the process of setting up while working on a number of projects for an ex-colleague as a sub-contractor.

Things are going smoothly so far. Although I would ideally like a little more financial support, I do have plenty of free time to invest in development of my skills and studying for my Masters degree.

I will soon be updating the website and looking into providing some web hosting and apps for clients as part of the new business.

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