Sunday, 31 August 2014

News Everyone!

I had a call back a couple of days ago and turns out, I did not get the job at Civica. But I apparently interviewed well and only missed out on the role because another interviewee had managed to show experience of previous work similar to the role by way of a previous project they had done at university. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, it was a great role but it was obviously not meant for me...

After a week of hard thought and contemplation, I decided to contact a few people regarding my current circumstances and have gone from not having a clue what direction to turn, to having many many options.

First is that one of the guys from the Chester Devs Summer BBQ wants to chuck me a few projects in return for a revenue share. An option I will be giving serious thought to after finding out more over a coffee within the next few days...

Second, an ex colleague of mine from Onteca, who now has his own business is involved with developing some e-Health apps and wants me involved with the development. They have apparently come into possession of a new API linked to NHS software... Though I'm unsure how much detail I will be able to go into at this stage, this could be a very exciting project indeed!

Finally, I have put in an application to do my Masters degree in Information Systems at The University of Chester! The Computer Science program is not running this year and I want to further my education sooner rather than later, not only to further develop my career prospects, but to develop my skill-set further too and gain some experience with business software and IT management. This Masters program in Information Systems plays to my strengths in focusing on academic writing and network technologies and will give me the opportunity to advance my knowledge of my weaker areas; database technologies and data management.

It's strange how life can come to a halt and then suddenly whisk you away like a train that comes out of nowhere when you have just got off one and thought you'd have a long wait for another.

When you take small positive actions, life really does take notice...

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