Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Another while since posting... This blog seems to be becoming a monthly thing rather than weekly.

Okay so, as briefly mentioned last update, I now have a semi-full-time gig doing some programming for a small group of ex-colleagues, who have formed a small business called Futurecoders. There is an event tomorrow which I was developing some software for as part of this, in order to demonstrate progress, but my programming environment messed up. I have spent a few days trying to correct the issue but it looks like we're not going to have anything soon enough after all. as there isn't enough developing time left before the event. Still, two weeks is a very bad time frame to be given to learn the Android SDK, Healthvault's SDK and the Eclipse IDE and build a prototype app incorporating them all. Thankfully, getting the app done to that stage so soon was never the main goal of the project, which is to test out one of the APIs involved for app development. But I regret not having the chance to show how quickly I can work. I have asked the team to put together a small presentation to compensate, demonstrating our goals and direction, so at least we can show something, even if a prototype of the app can't be demonstrated at the event.

On to the masters, progress is slow. Most lectures consist of tutors explaining class tasks and last week, we were showed a 5 minute long video of a guy playing guitar in the middle of a presentation, just to make a point that practice in anything is the key. We have been given assignments but nothing majorly stressing or obstructing. or truly relevant to information systems for that matter. We have one which is essentially a demonstration of research and academic writing skills. The other is a team exercise, in which business software is used to manage a virtual computer-building business. A write up for the latter is due to be handed in at the end of May.

The start-up company's progress is going well. Money is trickling in and my only customer so far are Futurecoders. Not that I have time for more work right now! I will be setting up some new web server space soon however and offering hosting and web site creation services, while spending some time on the bitZone website to finally polish and tidy it up...

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