Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Once again, another while!

I have had a job interview since my last post. A company in Manchester presented me with a very promising role developing database input front-ends in COBAL for local government and NHS services.

The interview was promising and the work environment very comfortable. The company themselves sounded perfect for someone at my current level of experience and I remain hopeful that I may get the role based on how the interview went. I will update as soon as I hear anything!

Meanwhile I have been working on developing my SQL skills. They are an area I did not get to experience much of during the degree and are much sought after in industry. I may also begin looking into .Net technologies in order to further increase my employability. Without a job it is difficult to know what to focus on most however and I do not want to spread myself 'too thin'.

I may update the website soon. Older versions of internet explorer appear to have issues with my pure CSS menu and so I will need to replace it with a Javascript based menu for the time being.

It has also become apparent that I can only share limited details of my projects on the website because of the university officially owning the rights to the code developed for the degree. I will try to redevelop the projects from scratch at some point, perhaps in Swift in order to go into further detail about them.

Finally, in regards to personal life, I have just two weeks left on my tenancy and then it looks like I may have to move back with family until I can find work. Something I was trying to avoid.

I have to admit I am worried about getting stuck there, not that I dislike my family, but I need my freedom. I can't be myself without my own space and that may limit my progress...

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