Friday, 18 July 2014

Interesting week

A little late with this weeks entry, but it has been an interesting week.

The earlier part of the week has been largely uneventful. I began work on a new project and had a few call backs for possible work interest.

Yesterday I was at the Liverpool Sound City festival where I met the awesome Don Whiteford from Nomad Games (formerly Digital Image Design, Rage, THQ) who was there promoting their new game Talisman, and Roderick Kennedy of Simul (formerly Evolution Studios, Digital Image Design), both of whom were involved in developing what is still my favourite flight sim of all time, F22 Air Dominance Fighter (Youtube link). I had a great time meeting them, there was some very interesting conversation and I got a lot of perspective from talking to them. Thanks guys!

Other notables were RedTouch Media, PPL, Black and Ginger and Milky Tea, who are best known for their 3D animation work on the Lloyds TSB advertisement on British TV and the game Coffin Dodgers, which is currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

All in all a productive week for networking.

Next week I will be attending a social event for local devs in my area.

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