Thursday, 10 July 2014


Enjoying some rays in my home town.
Finally the site is up and running...

Hello and welcome to the first entry in what I hope is many, cataloguing my adventures as I begin my journey into app developer entrepreneurship.

This year has been very interesting and has given me a lot to think about. I have had to contend with personal baggage that I didn't realise I was carrying around, I have grown a lot from realising it and I have recognised some things missing in my life which I did not know I wanted.
I have found new goals, I have said goodbye to a family member who sadly passed away a short while ago and this week, I have had to say what I can only hope is not a permanent goodbye to the one person in my life outside of my family that I can truly say I deeply care for.

I have just completed my final year at university and registered myself as an iOS developer with Apple. Since Objective-C was my university's language of choice for the majority of my final year and is the language I have been most productive with thus far, it seemed the obvious direction to take.

Of course I also plan on learning Android development, for which having some previous experience in Java is going to be useful and I will hopefully get around to developing multi platform apps eventually. Yes, I will also be learning Swift, but I am not sure how much I will get around to covering here. I hope to be able to have some apps out on the App store before the year is out however, after which I may develop some tutorials for the site.

For now, I will be seeking employment and moving house so the first couple of months may be a little turbulent. I'm sure that I will still find some time to sit, while nursing a cup of coffee in the nearest coffee shop and update this blog however.

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